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but "Contact Me" and Paypal might be working for some items.  Since there is so much vinyl to input yet, I've at least listed the Artist/Label, so if there is no photo/sound quality review/pricing yet, contact me and I'll finish it within a day or two.  But more vinyl is on my ebay store, Vinyl-EXS (or ID vinylexs).  Non-vinyl is at ID surplus-x.  (If you want to contact me fast, email me at for now. 


Vinyl-EXS and Miles Of Time Past sites have combined their vintage vinyl record collections and pop culture memorabilia items spanning the '50s through the '80s all into this one site with a variety of items for sale.

The Vinyl-EXS site contains several private collections of about 1,000 albums and 45s covering 30 years of music.  Many are still in great condition.  In the Photo Gallery, each 45 rpm or LP cover has been scanned or photographed so that you can click on it for enlargement in order to see the shape it is in.  Clicking the Vinyl-EXS tab at the very top of this page gets you to the grading standards page first, or click the fly-out tab underneath it to get right to the database instead.  Clicking either of the two Vinyl-EXS pictures down below takes you right to the database, too. 

The Miles of Time Past shop contains a collection of old and new items such as books, magazines, posters, knick knacks, pottery, glassware, and other vintage memorabilia.  The collection is broken down into three divisions and their descriptions are shown down below under Yesterday's Papers, Pop Culture Mementos, and Flea Market.  Click on any of the pictures down below to get you to that particular division.

Enjoy clicking through it all, and I hope it brings back good memories as you look through 60 years of time past.

Yesterday's Papers

A collection of vintage magazines and books are covered in this section.  There are 40 LIFE magazines from the '60s with history-making headlines.  You will want to remember where you were when you look at some of these history-making headlines. 

There are also a few (used) rock magazines (Circus, Circus Raves, Creem, Hit Parader, Rock Scene) from the '70s.  It is fascinating to look back at the older rock stars of today and see how they young they once looked.  It is sad that some other great musicians and singers never had the chance to grow old

Some of the books are older software manuals, fiction and non-fiction novels.  You will even find some autographed books from Dick Clark (sold!), Jay Leno, Paul Reiser, Jim Palmer, and Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Vinyl-EXS 45s

The record collection under the Vinyl-EXS tab covers 45 rpm, EPs, picture sleeves, and albums from USA and some were brought back from European visits before 1980.  The pop/rock/soul/country sounds are in one database, while the orchestral database covers band leaders and their orchestras, including music covering soundtracks, holidays, organ, waltz, swing, banjo, polka, and TimeLife or Reader's Digest series of albums. Compilation albums with various artists (rock and others) will be found under Orchestral / Miscellaneous at the end.) Some records are also auctioned on eBay under my Vinyl-EXS store name.  The records are a mix of Near Mint to Good. 

If you have records so scratched up that they sound horrible, they can always be made into clocks, baked and shaped into planters, designed into butterflies for wall art, or used as skeet for your Benelli!

Vinyl-EXS Albums

The Vinyl-EXS section is set up in a table format with a grading column and notes that give some detail about the look and playback quality of each piece, which took forever and a day to do and is still ongoing.  (My family will probably put in my coffin, along with my laptop, all the records that have not been entered into this database!)  Some are collectible and hard to find these days, and others were very popular in their time.  My personal favorites were the '60s garage bands, especially tunes from Count Five, 13th Floor Elevators, and Love.  My English favs were the Kinks, Stones, and Steve Marriott (RIP), who could do no wrong.    

Pop Culture Mementos

This section is a mix of mainly the '60s era with entertainment memorabilia including a few movie and rock band posters, smaller movie frame advertisements, Beatles and baseball trading cards, rock-related buttons, games, dolls, etc., all for sale.  This will also be updated from time to time.

Flea Market

Knick knacks, purses, trinkets, pottery, glassware, ashtray/smoking sets, jewelry, cell phone chargers, typewriter, furniture, unworn clothing, a near mint gorgeous blue 1983 Mercedes 380SL convertible, and other odds and ends that may be old or new will be added to this section periodically.

Your private information and credit card info will be secure when ordering from this site.  The GoDaddy SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts all info between you and this site so that no third party can oversee or overhear your transaction. 

Payments: You do not need a Paypal account, but the Buy It Now button takes you to the Paypal page where you see what you are buying, the cost, and the shipping amount.  You can pay using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express from here.   If you are buying more than one item, we can probably combine them into one carton, so contact us first with the items you want so we can adjust the Buy It Now button to cancel out the additional shipping charges, or refund you the difference afterward.

Shipping Information for USA:  For 45s and albums, we ship via First Class Mail or Media Mail and will email you a Tracking Number from the Post Office.  Other items may be shipped Parcel Post or Priority Mail.  Shipments are made Monday-Friday within 1-2 days upon receiving your payment and an email will be sent advising you of the shipment date.  Within USA, shipping charges for the 45s: 1-2 records ship for $3.50; for albums: 1-2 ship for $4.00.   Limited shipping elsewhere:  Canada and Europe (England, France, Germany only): Canada's shipping charge is $10.00 for a 45 rpm and $12.50 for an LP.   Shipping charge to Europe is $13.00 for a 45 rpm and an LP is $19.00 via regular airmail. 

Return Policy: We accept returns within 7 days, but please contact us with the reason for the return.  Depending on the situation, you may be responsible for the return shipping cost. 

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